Yellow Jackets Nests

Yellow jacket nests have exploded size wise the past 10 days. The rainy weather allowed the colonies to care for a large number of larvae and now they have all pupated. The increase in activity is quite noticeable. Also noticeable is the very aggressive nature of almost every colony. We are receiving calls every day of people being stung by these useless insects ( useless being my person evaluation). Many have had visits to a medical facility and some overnight stays in a hospital. These stinging insects are NOT to be taken lightly!!! The population of each colony will only continue to grow until the frosts start. At this time we do not see it safe to make any recommendation other than to have a professional address any yellow jacket nest you find. Yellow jackets which are in the family of hornets like to make their nest in something. This could be a hole in the ground, an opening in a house or other structure, occasionally they will make a covered nest on the outside of a building or even in a tree.

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