hornet nest on street sign

Yellow Jackets and other Hornets

hornet nest on street signThis season continues to amaze. Since 1975 I have seen hornet nests in many interesting places. Recently we had to remove a nest in a public park over the picnic table by the dog park section. People were unable to sit and relax at the park because the nest was only a few feet above the table top. Yellow jacket nests built alongside or directly over main entrances has become so common one begins to think the yellow jackets are having  a competition. Yellow jacket nests built in the ground have surprised many innocent people this year, such as the case when our customer went to clean the Koi pond only to end up needing medical attention from a previously unknown nest. Currently, I think the most curious is a black and white hornet nest constructed on a public street sign. I have racked my brain trying to remember if I have ever seen this before and I do not think I have. These hornets, and yes yellow jackets are hornets, are very aggressive this season and deserve a good deal of caution.

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