Winter Pest Control Tips for your Morristown Home

We may not notice insects that often during those cold winter months, but in reality, plenty of pests -rodents, crickets, and spiders to name a few are looking for a warm place to hide this winter. It may be winter outside but it is summer inside your home!  Mice and rats can be very dangerous when in the home and can contaminate surfaces. Along with this, insects such as ants, and  roaches also creep into the home and spread bacteria. They crawl through sewage and over decaying creatures, which sticks to their legs and bodies. This means your Morristown home can be completely contaminated without you even knowing.
To ensure pests aren’t enticed to go into your Morristown home, make sure trees and shrubs are trimmed, a seasonal exterior pesticide application, and try to eliminate standing water if possible. Be sure to store firewood far from your home along with trash and recyclables. Inside your home, regularly sweep and mop your floors, wipe down countertops and don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink. It’s important to keep trash covered and taken out as often as possible. Keep food in covered containers because pests often contaminate the food supply.
If you are experiencing pests in your Morristown NJ home, contact Merlin’s Pest Control for professional pest control services. Give us a call at 973-627-0500!

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