Winter Pest Control in Morristown NJ

While the winter is a nice break from bees, beetles and ants, other pests can easily sneak their way into your Morristown, NJ home. Not only are you dealing with frozen pipes and ice dams, but homeowners must face mice, rats and other intruders. Besides ice damaging the home, pests can cause extensive damage.

Once in your home, both insects and rodents will begin to gnaw on wood, wires and drywall. Mold can grow when critters nest in dark, warm areas of your Morristown home. If your home is tightly sealed, protected and warm air stays indoors, the pests will surely stay out.

Even if your Morristown home is protected against drafts and pests, it may not remain the same throughout the winter. Extreme winter weather can easily put cracks in your home’s foundation or blow off shingles. If these issues are not repaired, weak spots in the home will lead to pest problems.

Some best practices for preventing pests in your Morristown home include:

  • Trim trees to make it less easy for rodents to enter through your roof’s overhang
  • Declutter the basement to remove potential nesting spaces
  • Replace torn weather stripping around windows and doors
  • Store firewood at least 20 feet from the home

If you are experiencing insects or rodents in your Morristown home, contact Merlin’s Pest Control at 973.627.0500 for pest control services.

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