Wildlife Removal ServicesThe wildlife in New Jersey is truly something to be appreciated and an occasional visitor to your home or office can be a pleasant surprise. However, as an animal continues to return, it has established its territory, which can include your home or business.

Merlin’s wildlife pest control services will help you remove and prevent unwanted animals from damaging your property. We specialize in the humane trapping and removal of squirrels, skunks, and raccoons. Our experts are also trained to take care of nuisance chipmunks and birds.

Wildlife removal services

All of our wildlife pest control services follow strict guidelines to humanely remove the animal. We go above and beyond state regulations by checking our traps daily to ensure that the animal is released shortly after it has been trapped. Once any animal has been removed from your home or business, you can be rest assured, knowing that the animal will be kept alive and released into an environment in which it can prosper.

It is strongly recommended that a professional handle the trapping of wildlife and you should not attempt to remove or release an animal on your own as this could result in an attack. Each animal has unique traits and behaviors and it’s important to consult a professional for your own safety. Many animals living in the wild are known for carrying many diseases such as rabies, roundworms, and mange in addition to being carriers of fleas, ticks, lice, and mites. These animals should be avoided and approached with caution for many of them will become hostile and will attack if provoked. Bites and scratches can be a serious matter, especially with children and pets, and should be treated immediately with professional medical attention.

If you have an abundance of wildlife on your commercial or residential property, give Merlin’s a call. Merlin’s wildlife removal service includes humanely trapping and releasing unwelcomed animals in a better environment. Our wildlife pest control specialists will be happy to take critters out of your home or business and find them a suitable place of their own.