Why Do We See So Many Spiders & Webs Floating in the Air During Fall in Mount Olive, NJ

Most people find spiders to be a creepy, crawly pest. Many will do just about anything to avoid them. There are some surprising facts about spiders that you may not know and since this is the season that we tend to find them everywhere, Merlin’s Pest Control is here to talk about these creepy pests and why you may want them around more than you think.

Higher Number Spider Webs in the Fall

You may have noticed that everywhere you turn you seem to be running into another spider web as temperatures start to cool down. You aren’t imagining things, there are definitely more spider webs this time of the year and here’s why. Most of the spiders you commonly find around your home and your yard have a seasonal timetable. They hatch during the spring and will lay their eggs and die in the fall. Most spiders will lie low during the summer months and as the temperature starts to cool, they lay their eggs before dying.

Benefits of Spiders in Your House

Here are some facts worth remembering about spiders the next time you go to smash or kill one:
– Most spiders you find in your home or in your yard aren’t poisonous or harmful to you in any way.
– Spiders offer excellent pest control since they eat many of the pests we find obnoxious like mosquitoes and flies.
– Most spiders you find in webs are females. Males tend to roam around your yard rather than stay put in one place.
– Many spider species will build a new web each day. Chances are, if you destroy a web, they will build another one by the next day.
– There are over 40,000 spider species that live in a variety of environments all around the world.

Venomous Spiders to Watch for; Black Widow & Brown Recluse

Even though many of the spider species you find aren’t dangerous to you, there are a couple species that you need to watch for.
Black Widow Spider – The black widow spider is easily identified by its solid black body and red hourglass marking on the underside of its abdomen. They are known to build large, messy webs, and their bite is very painful.
Brown Recluse Spider – The brown recluse spider ranges in color from light tan to dark brown. They have a very recognizable violin shaped marking on their back. These spiders usually live in dark moist places and avoid people.
If you are bitten by either of these spiders, seek medical attention as soon as possible. The side effects can have serious implications to your health.

Spider Control

Spiders aren’t dangerous for the most part, but their webs can be an annoyance. If you find that you can’t get rid of the spiders and all their webs in your home, Merlin’s Pest Control can help. We will get rid of this pest that can prove to be challenging to remove from your home. Call us today with all your pest control needs.

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