Why Are There So Many Blacklegged AKA Deer Ticks Now? Tick Season 2017 in Bedminster, NJ

Ticks are a pest that many people have to deal with. They are a problem for people and pets. Ticks are known for their tiny size and the fact that they carry disease that can be dangerous for people. They often are found carrying Lyme disease that is has to be treated by a medical professional. You should know what ticks look like, when they come out and what to do if you find them to keep your loved ones from being affected.

Merlin’s Pest Control Explains Why There Are So Many Ticks This Year & How to Avoid Them This Summer

Why Are There So Many Ticks Now?: There has been many factors that have caused the increase in how many ticks are out in the open. The wet winter we just had and the amount of acorns have contributed to an increase in tick populations. The acorns attract white footed mice. You may not realize it but the infected mice is what the ticks primarily feed on, making them a carrier for Lyme disease. That means there are more chances that the tick you are bitten by is infected.
Where Are Ticks Commonly Found Most Often?: Ticks are a problem in areas that are usually near forests, high grass and shrubbery. Does that sound just like where you live, play or hike? That means you are at risk of coming into contact with a tick this summer. The blacklegged tick or the deer tick is commonly found in the area. They tend to hide under grass, shrubs, leaves and other plant life. They can also be in the plants that are around your house.
How To Prevent Tick Bites: There are some things you can do to keep ticks from biting you and your loved ones. Start by being aware of your surroundings and understanding where ticks tend to hide. When you decide to go on a trail or walk you want to stay on the trail and not run up against the bushes that often times line the sides. You can also make sure that you have all your skin covered as much as possible. The ticks like to bite into the exposed skin of a passerby so be sure that you have long pants, long sleeves and you can even tuck your pants into your socks. That way you stop them from getting under the pant leg.
What Do Tick Bites Look Like?: After you have been outdoors, you need to do a check of your exposed skin and clothing. You want to look over your skin to see if there are any signs that you have a tick that has bitten in. If you notice a tick you need to do what you can to remove it as soon as possible to prevent the chances of Lyme disease being transferred. There are some tools that can be used but many people choose to use a fine pair of tweezers. Clean the skin after removal and use professional pest control services to prevent it from occurring again. Merlin’s Pest Control offers many pest control services including tick control.

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