Why Are Carpenter, Odorous, Pavement & Little Black Ant Infestations a Year Round Problem in My Whitehouse, NJ Home?

Dealing with pests is a year round problem that needs identification of the pest species to determine the best and most effective treatment options to get rid of them. Some pests do well in the hot summer months while others are a problem in the winter. Winter pests are most often trying to find a warmer place to go and that is usually your home. One pest that is able to withstand not only the heat of the summer but also the cool down that happens in the fall is the ant. Ants come in many species that differ in size and color but they are the same in the sense that they want food for the colony and the queen. The reason that ants can be a big issue in the fall season is that they are using the last bit of weather to collect food for their colony. This means they can be a bit more aggressive and with the windows and doors propped open they have easy access to the house.

Merlin’s Pest Control Lists the Most Common Ants Found in New Jersey

Little Black Ants: As their name implies, these ants are only 1/16 of an inch in length and black in color. Colonies of little black ants are not as extensive as other species but they will readily move to other locations when disturbed. For this reason, it’s important to call in a professional right away if as we know how to stop these ants in their tracks before they move to another, more hidden part of your home. These ants are commonly found outdoors and their nests look like small craters along sidewalks and foundation walls. Indoors they can be found anywhere there is moisture and food crumbs so think bathrooms and kitchens mainly.
Odorous Ants: One of the ants that homeowners tend to find even in the fall is the odorous ant. They are a special ant in the sense that when they are smashed they give off a foul odor. They smell a lot like rotten coconut so when they are smashed they can make the house smell terrible. They are fairly small measuring only about an eight of an inch fully grown. They also tend to be dark brown in color and have an oval shaped body. If you notice ants such as odorous ants call a pest control professional to have your home treated right away.
Carpenter Ants: One of the worst kinds of ants to find around your home are carpenter ants. The reason is that they are very destructive and cause a lot of damage to the structure of homes every year. They chew through the beams of your home not for food but for tunnels to live and get from one area to another. They are similar to a termite in the sense that they chew through the wood but unlike the termite they do not ingest the wood at all. They are quite large in size and can be black or even red in color.
Pavement Ants: Another ant that may be surprising to find in a home is the pavement ant since the name basically says it likes the pavement. They do in fact like to be outside on the pavement to nest and make their tunnels but they still search for food inside homes. They are happy to stray away from the pavement to find a bite of food to take back to the colony. This can be in your kitchen after you have prepared a meal. They are usually dark brown or even black in color and are about the same size as an odorous ant in length.

Ant Infestation Control

Just like any kind of pest it is always best to call a professional pest control company to come out and treat your home. Merlin’s Pest Control offers full service pest control to get rid of ants and any other pest you are struggling with!

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