Where Do Roof Rats Live in Budd Lake, NJ? Tips for Preventing & Getting Rid of Rodents

Do you have rats climbing on your roof and around your home? You may have even seen rats climbing electric cables or along the blocks wall in your neighborhood. If so, you most likely have Roof Rats invading your home. Roof rats are an invasive and destructive pest. They are ever becoming more widespread across America, and are of course, in New Jersey. Merlin’s Pest Control will share how to identify, control, and prevent roof rats on your property.

Roof Rat Identification

Roof rats are easily identified due to their angular body and face, unlike the Norway rat which has rounder features. Norway rats are another common rat species found in New Jersey. Roof rat snouts are longer and more pointed than other rat species. You will also notice they have a big pair of ears and eyes. Because roof rats are climbers by nature, they have a long scaly tail which they use to keep balance and to grip. Roof rats also have straight, short brown fur or sometimes black, and they can grow up to 18 inches long.

Where Do Roof Rats Live?

Roof rats often nest in trees and on roof tops. They are great climbers and often they will use tree branches, electrical wire or cables, and fences to travel around looking for food. However, even though roof rats prefer the level of higher ground, they will also seek shelter on the ground if they find debris or clutter which they can use to hide in. Roof rats will also climb into attic spaces or basements, especially during unfavorable weather. Roof rats will eat just about anything. They will chew through wire, plumbing, and walls to gain access to both food and water. When a massive population of roof rat occurs, they can cause serious amounts of structural and property damages.

How to Prevent Roof Rats

When a roof rat problem presents itself, you will want to immediately begin both control and prevention methods to stop and further prevent roof rats from returning. Start by keeping up the maintenance outside around your home and your yard. Clean firewood stacks and keep it as far away as possible from your home. Avoid leaving pet food or water bowls outside. If you have fruit trees, pick up any fruit that has fallen to the ground. You will want to deprive rats of all resources.

Rodent Control

If you need the help of a quality pest control company to help you combat your rodent invasion, Merlin’s Pest Control can help control and prevent rats from invading your home or business. In fact, we can help you handle any pest problem. Contact us today for a pest inspection and custom treatment plan.

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