Where Are Springtail Infestations Found in Budd Lake, NJ; How to Prevent & Get Rid of Springtails AKA Snow Fleas

Springtails are also known as snow fleas. They are a tiny pest that most homeowners are unaware of or even know they are scurrying around inside their home and in their yards. Where these little pests may not be a direct threat to your yard and lawns and during the dry seasons, you might find them entering your home in massive numbers in search of a more suitable living condition. Merlin’s Pest Control will share a little bit more about this little pest and how you can control and prevent their intrusion as the season begins to warm up.

Are Springtails Fleas?

Springtails are not a flea however they are an insect that is active all year long. They are equipped with a special protein. Therefore they have the ability to survive the most freezing of temperatures. Another confusing trait as to why they get referred to as a flea is that they do not fly. Instead, they jump rather larger distances compared to their size much like the flea. A Springtail is only 1/16 inch of long with an oblong segmented body. At first look they will have a dark brown to black colored body; however they actually are tan with dark brown stripes going down the back.

Where Are Springtails Found?

Springtails are drawn to vegetation and damp areas. During the spring and summer they will feed on all manners of plant life and vegetation. During the fall and winter season they will feed on decaying leaves. Where springtails mostly just feed on decaying plant life and require lots of water, they don’t really cause any structural damages to homes or buildings. Additionally, as they may feed on plant life they don’t require much food. So, why are they a pest? Well when the outdoor conditions become less favorable for springtails, they will make their way inside buildings. Again springtails are drawn to moisture. You may find them in bathrooms, laundry room or the kitchen within your home. You may also find them near broken, leaky pipes or plumbing in the wall or under cabinets, such as sinks.

Springtail Prevention

To prevent springtails from invading inside your home, start with repairing any leaking plumbing that might be around the premises. This means leaky faucets and broken pipes. Springtails are very small where they can fit through the tiniest of cracks so it may seem impossible to seal them out of your home. They can additionally be brought into your home by way of pets or clinging onto clothing. If your home has become infested by springtails during bad weather or dry spells, you may want to contact a pest control company.

Extermination of Springtails

Merlin’s Pest Control provides springtail extermination and removal services if you become infested by these little pests. If your home or business is under threat from any kind of pest, Merlin’s Pest Control can give you aid and make your home and business pest free. Contact Merlin’s Pest Control to begin your regularly scheduled pest management program today.

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