What Kills Wasps; And Can Killing Wasp Pests Attract More in Rockaway NJ? Yes – If you try to DIY Rather than Hire a Professional Exterminator Specializing in Stinging Insects & Nest Removals!

One of the biggest mistakes that occurs each and every year involves a brave homeowner mustering up the courage to remove a wasp, hornet or yellow jacket nest that is on their property, sometimes even built onto their home; without the help of a professional. Visits to the emergency room at the hospital are often the outcome of homeowners attempting to remove a nest on their own. Many tales of this brave feat include the use of a fire distinguisher, pepper spray or a vacuum. Yes, someone tried to vacuum up the stinging insects before removing the nest. This resulted in multiple stings to the face and a humbling visit to the ER.

Are Wasps Building Nests Inside the Walls of your Home?

When most people think of a wasp, yellow jacket or hornet’s nest, the sight of something similar to a beehive comes into their mind, possibly hanging from a tree branch or some other type of vegetation. The truth about wasps’ nests can be quite alarming, as wasps nest vary greatly in size, shape and location. Wasps have more often than not carefully constructed their nests inside of homes, within the walls, in the attic, under eaves or other undisturbed areas throughout the structure of your house. A nest of wasps can quickly become a major problem because wasps will swarm and become extremely aggressive if they feel that their nest is being disturbed.

Strength in Wasp Population Numbers

Wasps are social stinging insects that live in very large numbers. In fact one single wasp nest can house up to ten thousand wasps. If you are ignorant enough to attempt removing such a nest, imagine the backlash that will occur soon after. Thousands of angry wasps swarming around you at one time, stinging you over and over again. Older more established wasp nests will have even more wasps living within the nest. Seeking the skills and experience of a professional when it comes to stinging insect removal is vital to the safety of you and your family.

How to Find a Wasp Nest in the Cavity Walls & Other Places on Your House; Inspect Your Home for any Signs!

Wasps, hornets and yellow jackets get pretty creative in choosing the desired location to build their nests. Inside of chimneys, underneath house eaves and under porch decks are all popular locations that nests have been found. Carefully inspect your home for any sign of these types of nests and contact Merlin’s Pest Control immediately to remove these nests for you. Our technicians are skilled and experienced in safely removing these nests without putting anyone in harm’s way.

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