What Happens to Spiders & Where Do These Pests Go in the Cold Winter Time in Mount Olive, NJ?

There are many pests that will die out in the cold of the winter. The cold is too much for pests to handle and their blood will freeze causing them to die. Other pests will not die but they are able to find a safe place to hibernate. That is why you may notice a change in the types of pests you are seeing around your home when the season changes. Some of the pests that you will see in the winter will sometimes be the same ones in the summer. One of those pests that you are sure to see year-round is going to be spiders. Spiders have some serious ability that allow them to last through the winter months which means you may still see them sneaking into your home.

Merlin’s Pest Control Explains What Gives Spiders the Ability to Live Through The Winter Months & Why They Come Inside Your Home

Spiders Are A Cold Blooded Pest: One of the ways that a spider is able to live through the winter months is the fact that they are cold blooded. A cold blooded pest is going to have a temperature that is going to be the same as the temperature of their surroundings. That means that when the soil or air is at a particular degree of temperature, the spider is the same. They are not able to change their body temperature and they don’t feel the cold. That means that they don’t shiver to try and warm up. When the spider is outdoors and gets cold it is going to possibly slow down to save on energy but it will not die or hibernate. The cold blooded spider will be able to live easily outdoors.
Spiders Have An Antifreeze Protein: There is another part of the makeup of a spider that allows it to live through the cold and not only cold but temperatures that are below zero. When a pest becomes too cold and the temperature is too low for the pest to survive, they will start to develop ice crystals in their body. The ice will freeze the blood and that will cause the pest to die. The antifreeze protein will work with the ice crystals and attach to the ice to stop it from freezing the pest. The spiders are a great candidate as a winter pest and that means that you will potentially see them more often in the winter.
Why Do Spiders Come in Your House?: Although a spider can and will live outdoors without freezing to death, they can still be seen in homes all winter long. The reason behind this is they are in search of food. The spider can only survive the winter if they are able to find food to feed on. The problem is that the other pests that spiders feed on have run indoors in search of a warm place to live. Where there is prey, the predator is not far away!

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