What Attracts Hornets & How to Keep These Stinging Insects & Nests Away from Your Bedminster, NJ House & Yard

The main reason that a hornet will start a nest is to create a safe place for her eggs. She wants a home to protect her kids just like we do. Hornet nests can be found in attic beams, eaves, trees, bushes and other concealed areas. Their nests can be as large as a volleyball to as small as a golf ball and will depend on how large the colony is. Thousands of hornets can be found inside a nest so you do not want to get involved with them when they get angry. Hornets are only a threat to humans if they are provoked but the problem is that they like to build their nests where we like to spend time. Hornet removal can be difficult and if the right precautions aren’t taken, highly dangerous.

How to Keep Hornets Away

1. If you find one hornet flying around you can simply swat it with a fly-swatter but his might attract other wasps because when they are squashed they release a chemical. If there’s a single hornet in your home, you can also grab your vacuum cleaner, suck it up and throw the bag away or just wait for it to die in the canister.
2. Spray to exterminate the hornets nest. Once you locate the nest, you can use a store bought insecticide to saturate it at dawn or dusk when they are less active. Merlin’s Pest Control does NOT recommend this DIY option as it will no doubt anger the wasps and can therefore be extremely dangerous. Homeowners typically don’t have the protective gear or the knowledge and experience needed. Professional exterminators have the necessary tools at their disposal including commercial grade products that are much more effective than you can buy over the counter.
3. Bag the hornet nest. If the nest is on a low tree branch you can open a heavy-duty garbage bag below it and use hedge trimmers with long handles to cut the branch off so the nest will fall into the bag. Saturate the nest with insecticide, seal the bag and throw it away. Again, we do NOT recommend this option as your chances of getting stung are great.
4. Bucket hornet trap. Take a few buckets and fill them with sugar water, vinegar and a little bit of dish soap. This is effective in trapping single hornets and drowning them. Put the buckets in any areas that hornets are active. The problem with this method is that hornets could reproduce faster than you can drown them!
5. Vinegar hornet trap. Fill an empty 2-liter soap bottle with a cup of apple cider vinegar and a drop of dish soap. Then hang a piece of raw meat inside it and place it where you’ve seen hornets. Again, this method doesn’t stop the hornets at the source and is therefore not the most effective method of getting rid of hornets.

How to Keep Wasps Away from Your House

While traps can help in deterring hornets, there are other ways to keep them away. You can discourage hornets from nesting by keeping trees and bushes trimmed and painting or repainting areas they will nest with deterrents. You can also hang old CDs or mirrors around old nesting areas to discourage them from building a new nest nearby. Hornets can be territorial and will often not build nests in an area that may already have an established colony so try hanging a fake nest to keep them away.

Hornet & Nest Removal

The fastest and easiest way to get rid of hornets is to call in the professionals. If you or a family member are allergic to them, the results could be deadly. Professionals are experts and will make a positive identification, locate the nests and get rid of them. They will also advise you on ways to keep hornets from coming back. If you are dealing with a hornet problem contact Merlin’s Pest Control for help!

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