Wasps find their way into Denville microwave

Are you enjoying this summer ‘s weather? The wasps and hornets are! The bright sun and regular rain storms are perfect for supporting large populations. It is only July by October we should have some truly large wasp and hornet colonies with some very impressive nests.

This is probably the most unique experience we have seen regarding wasps. A fine resident of Denville, NJ called because he was finding wasps in his microwave. Yes in the microwave! Our inspection revealed the replacement microwave had a self enclosed exhaust system and the previously installed exterior vent was not connected. Wasps being wasps and being insects managed to find enough openings between the old venting and the new microwave to crawl in. A wasp or hornet living in a nest in a dark place like an attic or wall void may see a sliver of light and head toward it thinking it is a way outside. This is what we think happened here. The wasps ending up in the microwave rather than the great outdoors.

Rooftop chiller work is also becoming more hazardous because wasps love to nest around the various pieces of equipment of the chiller systems. I was on a roof in Basking Ridge recently with over 30 separate, large and healthy wasp nests.

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