Value of Rodent Proofing

Questions do arise as to the value of rodent proofing. Rodent proofing, the sealing up of openings rodents (mice) can use to easily enter your home, will not eliminate any current infesting population. The elimination of infesting rodents is the point of a treatment. A thorough treatment will eliminate the existing population but does not physically prevent or deter future activity.

Rodent proofing and rodent treatments are different services both working towards similar goals. Lets say you have a treatment with a one year plan or guarantee then you would have coverage for that time period. Rodent proofing is done to the structure and when done properly lasts for years and for that entire time is effective in discouraging rodents. Mice are most likely to enter the houses that have inviting openings that allow for easy access.

The more difficult we make it for rodents to enter the less likely they are to.The mice will typically seek out the easiest places to get in to. Rodent treatments, treatment plans, rodent rocks, and rodent proofing are all components of Integrated Pest Management that lead to elimination and long term control including prevention.

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