Treated nest myself but the hornets are still there now what?

The staff hears this comment regularly during each summer. Someone has attempted to treat a hornets’ nest but was unsuccessful and now would like to know what the next step is. First let me say a very dangerous situation has been created. The hornet colony now knows it is under attack and will be on high alert for any possible perceived threat ready to attack that threat! This is a very real RED alert for a population of stinging insects. DEFCON 1 has been declared! This situation is 450% more hazardous than the first attempt was. My first and best suggestion is to contact the professionals at Merlin’s to finish the task. BUT if you choose to proceed on you own lets think this thing out together. If the nest is visible but for some reason you were not able to thoroughly treat it then a thorough treatment is needed. Procure a small number of wasp freeze/shooting spray cans. Line up from a distance the entry hole and proceed as before. (Review last weeks blog) Starting at a safe distance and quickly moving closer while spraying. Soak the hole while soaking the entire exterior, one can in each hand. Then quickly, remember the importance of quickly, get to the nest and soak inside in three areas- hole, middle, and top. If the nest is hidden either in a hole in the ground or in an opening in a structure, home ,shed, etc I strongly recommend calling for assistance.

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