Top Ten List of Reasons Stinkbugs don't make the A List

Here are the Top Ten Reasons Stinkbugs will never make anyone’s “A” List. The reasons have come from dozens and dozens of interviews through out New Jersey.

10. Your dog will stink if it eats just one
9. They show up unannounced and uninvited
8. They could be the ugliest bug in America
7. They have no natural predators in New Jersey except Merlin’s
6. They destroy vegetation including crops all summer
5. Hundreds will move into your home for the winter
4. Incredibly impatient – they will crawl out all winter to see if its spring yet
3. Extremely difficult to eradicate
2. Stinkbugs are overly fruitful and multiplying
1. The only good stinkbug is a dead stinkbug

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