Tis the season for Flying ants, Termite swarms and W ings

Termit swarming season is upon us. Historically it begins in southern part of the state and moves north. For our service area, Flemington will report first followed by Bridgewater , up through Morristown, and then Kinnelon. A milder sunny day will trigger a swarm. The swarms will occur in the sunniest part of the day, the early afternoon. To some people the termites swarmers resemble flying ants but there are differences. Typically the ant swarms will begin after the termite swarms end. Memorial Day holiday is a good general break point. Ant swarmers can be any color, they will be colored very closely to their workers. All termite swarmers are black. The wings on a termite are clearly twice as long as the body and fall off quite easily. Many times people will return home from work and find these clear, gossamer wings and not know what they are or why they are present. The termite swarmers will swarm out in a cloud, once they land females and males will pair off start a mating dance. The male will follow the female closely in a tightening circle. After they have mated they will crawl back into the opening they flew out off and go back to the nest. These termite swarmers, reproductives have been waiting in special termite shelter tubes referred to as castles since before Christmas for the right conditions to mate. Because the swarm is inside a home or there building it can occur even when snow is still on the ground. Outside swarms will not occur until the snow has melted and the ground has warmed.

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