Tis the season for bedbugs

Tis the season for visiting, travelling and bedbugs. The Holidays bring family, fun and increased risk of infestation by bedbugs. Kids come home from school, people come back from business trips, and family travel to visit. All of this increased activity and exposure to others and other vehicles for travel, and places to stay greatly increase the exposure to and risk of infestation from bedbugs. Luggage bouncing around in the belly of a bus or a plane can innocently find itself now occupied by some bedbugs trying to find a safe haven in the luggage compartment. Bedbugs are transport bugs- someone has to transport them from one place to another. Year end brings about a lot of human movement for many reasons and increased human movement increases the risk of bedbugs.

Some helpful ideas include placing all of your clothes in a plastic bag before placing into your luggage. Upon arriving wash all clothes from the trip , including those on your back ASAP!!! Check your footwear carefully for unwanted free riders. If you are staying over do a quick check of the bed(s) looking for bedbugs or dried drops of blood . Bedbugs are small, not microscopic, bugs and can be readily seen . PS any bug on a bed is cause for alarm! Increased risk met by increased diligence will result in a joyous holiday season.

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