Timing of Exclusion

Exclusion is the art of sealing out of pests. Exclusion is important, however when it is done is critical. Excluding pests while they are still actively infesting may or may not be the best choice. Different pests have different requirements for and the timing of exclusion.

For example, if there are squirrels in an attic you do NOT seal the opening unless and until they all have been trapped and relocated according to NJ Division of Fish and Game regulations. Installing the exclusion while the squirrels are still present will simply cause additional damage. This being done while the animals are still inside will force them to explore and create new exits. The new exits may include living areas.

If the squirrels are out but not relocated, as done when one way doors are used without relocation, the squirrel family will start chewing new openings to return back into “THEIR” home. The timing of exclusion for some pests matters less exactly when its done as to the fact that it is done in conjunction with the interior being actively treated for elimination as well.

Sealing in certain pests such as mice without eliminating the existing interior population will multiply the problem and increase the resulting damage. Exclusion is an art as much as a science that requires different timing applications depending upon the pest and situation involved.

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