Tick bites in Spring

The snow is melting! Thoughts are turning to Spring (hooray). Spring means ticks and the diseases their bites spread. Ticks have spent the winter buried in leaves to survive. As the snow melts and daytime temps increase, ticks will become active and go searching for a blood meal! Walking into, on, or through any leaves left through the winter and you will be offering yourself up as a blood meal. You should not allow any person or pet to walk near or into any old leaves. This ‘leaf litter’ is where ticks have spent the winter and are now getting active and hungry for a blood meal. ┬áIf you have any leaf litter that you plan to rake up this Spring you should have it treated for ticks before you start. New Jersey still leads the nation in cases of Lyme Disease and new cases reported each year. This is an alarming fact. You can protect your yard and thereby all who use it from ticks by having a proper tick treatment twice a year, Spring and Fall. Ticks can not jump or fly so they have to climb to get to a host. They can climb up your leg or more commonly up the branches of bushes and trees to be able to drop onto a host as it passes by. Ticks have been found 10 feet above the ground in tree branches waiting for an unsuspecting host to walk near. Tick treatments must account for this aspect of tick behavior to deliver comprehensive protection.

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