Termites went away * Termites disappeared

This past week we received the same question and/or statement from homeowners in Ringwood, Parsippany, and Somerville. ‘The termites (swarmers) went away, I do not see them anymore does this mean the termites are gone?’ The answer is no. The reproductives may have all come out or they may be waiting a little longer the swarming season typically ends at the end of May. Termites do not just leave a food source (your house, church,business,etc). The swarms are for mass expansion of the colony. The swarm(s) happen then the colony grows and eats even more of for house, etc. Any sign of a termite swarm is cause for alarm. One should contact a professional, Merlin’s will do, as soon as possible to discuss the treatment design and plan for a scheduling date.

We also received a report from a Pequannock Township home about a termite swarm in the upstairs, second story, bathroom. Termite swarms in the basement or main floor are more typical, alarming but typical. A termite swarm in the second floor is very alarming. This is usually accompanied by some significant damage. Termite damage can be hidden behind the sheet rock walls. All termite swarms need to be taken seriously and a second story swarm needs to be fully addressed.

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