Termites Swarming all over

Termites are swarming all over. Black bodies with wings that readily fall off. If you wait and watch long enough the termites will mostly disappear except for the wings, which is what most people who are at work find when they return home. Light, almost clear wings on the floor, on window sills.I have been fortunate over the past four decades to have been called in on over ten thousand termite inspections. Some of these included homes undergoing renovation and had termite damaged/infested beams exposed. The termite reproductives, swarmers, enter homes during the winter. They have been found in homes and other structures as early as mid- December. The swarmers are not black at this time they are creamy off white like all the workers are. They are noticeably larger with the wing pads in place. The reproductives position themselves in special tubes called castles until each reproductive decides to fly out to mate. The reproductives do not return to the soil on the regular(daily) basis that the workers do. They will remain in place until they feel conditions are suitable for mating success.
Typically only large healthy termite colonies are able to produce swarmers. Any evidence of termite swarming is a serious warning sign. The structure needs a comprehensive termite treatment.

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