Termites swarm in Summit

Our first official termite swarm report is in and it came from Summit. A house this week reported flying termites , wings on the floor, and a panic stricken housewife. Merlin’s Pest Control responded immediately. It is very important to remember that once termites start this process nothing, I repeat, nothing can stop it. The swarming will end will all of the reproductives have flown out. This may happen all at once, rare, or a couple more times over the course of the next couple of weeks when weather conditions are right for the termites. Each reproductive termite decides for itself when it will leave the castle tubes to mate. Many reproductives will decide to join in when they see others flying which causes termite swarms to seem like clouds. It is very dramatic and can induce panic in witnesses. Having personally experienced a few swarms over the years, never at my own house,  I can attest to their power. I will add, more than one Seder has been interrupted by swarming termites. I have learned from experience and investigation that the reproductive termites enter these special castle tubes in December. I have been fortunate to have been called a few times when an infested house was gutted during the winter to investigate the termite damage. I have found termite infested buildings to be heavily infested with very active termites during the winter. The termites are unable to feed in certain wood sources during winter but a heated building is a very attractive buffet. I have also noticed that the special castle tubes seem to be located in the areas warmed by the spring sun.

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