Termite Swarm

The time has arrived, from Parsippany to Somerville and Flemington, termites are ready to mate! Termite swarms will continue to occur until all of the available reproductives have flown out to mate. This may happen in one full blown termite swarm or more commonly in a number of smaller swarms. ┬áSmaller being relative because anytime you see a termite swarm at home or work it seems HUGE! Once the swarming season begins there is not any way to stop it. This fact is very difficult for people to believe and does often lead to rash treatment choices. The termite swarm is telling you that you have an active termite condition that NEEDS to be treated. The treatment does not have to be done that very second. You have time to find a great treatment company like Merlin’s Pest Control and schedule a proper, thorough treatment with renewable guarantee. Termite swarms are sometimes referred to as ‘flying ants’. Ants also have swarms to expand their colonies and sometimes can be confused by a lay person. An expert can readily discern the difference and recommend the proper course of action.

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