Termite Damage is Worse in Winter!

It is common to think with all of these 15 degree and 19 degree morning low temperatures that the ground  is frozen and that termites are not active. Well, you would be half right. Yes the ground is frozen. Termites however are as active as ever.

The frozen ground and frozen everything above ground including all sorts of food sources for termites prevent termites from travelling or foraging in these areas. The only viable termite food source during winters are heated homes and other heated wood structures. Sheds, detached garages, fences, logs, tree stumps, etc are no longer available for termite consumption.

Modern construction first locates the footing of any house below the freeze line so termites are able to find them during winter. We also centrally heat our homes which keeps the temperature very comfortable for termites. So our comfort is now used by termites to find large sources of food and to survive the winters.

Heat, warmth, radiates from our homes through the soil during winter and can be sensed by termites. This will readily attract them and once they find the house and discover how large the food supply is they are in! My experience from almost 40 years of service is that termites will do more damage to homes in the winter than any other time of year. This is the reason we try to perform our termite reinspections during winter months.

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