Swarming Ground Bees in New Jersey

Ground bees are those species of bees and wasps that make nests in the ground but unlike bumble bees are not living in a colony. Ground bees are solitary insects that dig in the ground for a nest. The nests are smaller in size than a colony’s would be. The ground bees can dig a large number of these small nests and will live in close proximity with other similar bees thereby causing a large population to exist. The swarming, hovering and mating, can cause a cloud of bees to be around. This year seems to be worse than average. In my opinion this is related to the expected coming out of the 15 year cicadas. I have no scientific studies to point to as support but I do remember this happening before.
Treatment for ground bees is very meticulous because treatment must be made to each of the many dug nests as well as on overall coverage to discourage and prevent new nests. This can be very time consuming and require a good deal more material than one may expect to use to thoroughly and comprehensively treat.

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