stinkbugs, the time is now

Now, as summer is coming to an end,People are racing around with school aged children getting items for the start of the school year, trying to get the last of summer in at various beaches and pools, it is also time to start thinking of stinkbugs. These uninvited visitors are beginning to notice the weather is changing and they will need to find a safe place to survive the winter. Individuals and then ever larger groups will leave the trees and crops they have infested all summer and begin their search for a winter safe haven. The change will be subtle at first then as the weather change is more pronounced the stinkbug activity will be as well. From now untill the morning frost is fairly regular the stinkbug action will increase. Stinkbugs will start by congregating on the outsides of buildings- homes, offices, schools, churches, any building is at risk. Over time they will begin to find their way inside the structure. Preventative stinkbug treatments should begin soon. Prevention in this case is easily worth a pound of cure. Preventative services provide the greatest level of success against stinkbugs. It is almost impossible to completely eliminate stinkbugs once they have settled deep into the walls, ceilings, and attics for the winter.

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