Stinkbugs on My Home

stinkbugThe season has just turned from Summer to Stinkbug. Reports of stinkbugs arrive daily. Pharma offices in Bridgewater, Medical offices in Branchburg, Lawyers in Parsippany, personal Estates in Basking Ridge, Auto dealers in Flemington, and the list goes on. September, weather wise, was pretty much ideal but before too long the cool nights and days have to take over and this will trigger a riot of stinkbug activity. Masses of stinkbugs will seriously seek out overwinter sites in heated buildings. These will include homes, offices, schools, churches, any available warm structure will suffice. Once stinkbugs gain entry into the walls, attics, whatever voids they may find their intent is to spend the winter safely hiding. The heat of the building combined with the energy of the sun on sunny winter days will result in small numbers of stinkbugs wandering out into living areas all winter looking to see if Spring has indeed come (yet). The best way to effectively deal with this behavior is to treat the exterior of the building prior to cold weather to eliminate the stinkbugs before they access the structure.

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