Stinkbugs and Spider Bites

This summer spiders have run amok. In 38 years of servicing I do not recall seeing this many spiders on houses or businesses. Some spiders this season are pretty large. We are finding even our regularly serviced buildings with activity which is rare. The homes and businesses without regular pest services are really bad. We had received three emergency calls for spider biting people who required medical attention this past week and the respective homes were very heavily infested. Spiders, because they walk on pods not legs as insects do, can require more repetitive servicing to control. If you are having spider issues let us know. You may need additional services to eliminate and control.

Recently we have begun to notice stinkbugs on houses and offices trying to enter the structure for the winter. The recent frosts have triggered their wintering instincts. Stinkbugs will become more common on and in structures from here on as the weather changes. The colder nights will force the thousands of stinkbugs to search for save, warm overwintering locations. This will result in stinkbugs congregating on sunny sides of buildings while they seek out entry points. Once in they will a problem until next May. Now is the time to stop them.

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