Stinkbugs all over

Stinkbugs are absolute pests. They will enter a home or other building by the hundreds. Stinkbugs have spent the spring and summer feeding on vegetation. The damage they do to trees and crops totals in the millions. As the air temperature declines and the daylight becomes less each day, stinkbugs start to search for places to spend the winter. The stinkbugs will begin their search by congregating on sunny sides of buildings while seeking out cracks and other openings that allow them access into the middle of walls and/or into attics. Once the frosts hit, the stinkbugs will be permanently moving into these secluded hideaways until spring warming arrives. Stinkbugs instinctively know that the sunny areas now will also provide the most comfortable place to spend a winter. Homes, Multi-story office buildings, churches, schools, any heated buildings all are potential winter havens. It may become winter outside, but it is summer inside.

In anticipation of this stinkbug behavior. Now is the time to start looking out for stinkbugs. As soon as one notices stinkbugs on a building you should contact a stinkbugs specialist such as Merlin’s Pest Control to immediately apply an active barrier to prevent and eliminate stinkbugs from entering the building and surviving until nest year. A specialized thorough application needs to be done at first sign for maximum effect. The best results go to quick action.

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