Squirrels are seemingly everywhere. Many squirrels, every second or third squirrel you see, are domesticated. Domesticated does not mean people have them as pets. It means that the squirrel has or is currently living in a man-made heated structure. The structure may be a house in Califon, an apartment in Short Hills, an office building in Springfield, or any similar man-made heated structure. I stress heated because heating is a very important factor in altering squirrel behavior.

The very common Eastern Gray squirrel has a gestation period of about 44 days. In the wild, in its natural environment the squirrels would mate in late March through April and have the baby squirrels in June or July. Squirrels that live in heated structures develop the ability to mate and have baby squirrels most any day of the year just as our domesticated pets do. This permits multiple litters per year and rather than having a noticeable population growth in the summer the population is constantly growing.

The family of squirrels that are living in a beautiful Mountain top home in Bridgewater may soon have its children living in homes on Hawkes, Totten, and McKay. It is very important for many reasons that you have squirrels removed from your house as soon as you are aware of them. The experience of Merlin’s Pest Control has shown that squirrels must be trapped and removed from a structure to be sure you are free of them. One way doors and the like sound good and are exceptionally profitable for the companies using them but only trapping and removal works 100%.

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