Squirrel Pest ControlIf you own a home or business in New Jersey, it is likely you have seen squirrels running up and down trees on the property. Merlin’s squirrel pest control service includes humane trapping and release of squirrels.

Whether they are high up in a tree or digging in underground burrows, squirrels are adventurous as they scurry in search of food. Due to the nature of their diet, squirrels are actually considered rodents as they eat nuts, fruits, seeds, roots, leaves, and much more. As you can see, a squirrel is not a gardener’s best friend, especially since they build underground burrows for hibernation in the winter. However, during the winter, squirrels do not become completely dormant and still actively search for food.

Squirrels are also semi-domesticated rodents and need warmth to reproduce. Squirrels will usually remain outdoors until the cold weather arrives, which is when they seek shelter in a warm home or building. Attics are in particularly attractive because squirrels like to be up on high structures, for this reminds them of trees and gives them a safe nesting to raise their babies. They will typically enter your home through openings in roof overhangs and attics, as these are located on the highest level of the home. This is when squirrels and their litter can become a problem. As squirrels travel back and forth from your home to the outdoors, they continuously create new holes in screens, vents, and other structures, leaving entrances for other pests and exposed areas to weather conditions.

In addition to creating holes throughout your home, squirrels will cause damage to insulation, ceilings, roofs, plastic pipes, wood, siding, and wires. Squirrels are one of the many reasons of leaks, frozen pipes, mold, and deadly electrical fires in homes.

Squirrels should be approached with caution for they will bite and scratch when provoked. They can carry rabies and are known carriers of fleas and ticks. Any squirrel bites should be taken care immediately with professionally medical attention.

When a Merlin’s squirrel pest control specialist visits your home, you can be sure that we will inspect every inch, from top to bottom, to find squirrels and their litters. As we discover families of squirrels, we trap and release them all together in an environment in which they’ll prosper. Contact Merlin’s Pest Control to rid your property of squirrels.