Springtail RemovalMerlin’s Springtail Removal

  • Among other pests, springtails are probably the least well-known in New Jersey
  • Springtails are tiny insects that are often unnoticeable until they begin appearing in large numbers
  • Often mistaken for fleas as they use their tails to jump onto surfaces and are attracted to areas of dampness
  • Congregate around swimming pools or hot tubs in yards
  • While they reside in the soil around these places, springtails are generally harmless
  • Feed off of organic vegetation such as plant material or algae and do not usually cause property damage
  • If their environment becomes too dry, they may invade your home in search of moisture, which is when they’re found in bathrooms, and on marble counters or tile flooring

For homeowners, it can be somewhat difficult to get rid of springtails, as general, multi-bug pesticide sprays do not have an effect on these pests. Our expert knowledge and years of experience allows us to know what specific materials are effective for getting rid of springtails, while having a healthy regard for the environment. Contact us today and we will protect your home from springtails.