Spiders, Moths, Aphids & Other Pests in Your Valentine’s Day Flowers in Budd Lake, NJ?

Women all over the world dream of getting a beautiful bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day. Perhaps this is the reason it is the number one gift bought on this day of love. But what happens if you go to drink in the delicious aroma of said flowers to find there are pests making their homes in them? Merlin’s Pest Control is here to talk about pests that can be found in your Valentine’s Day bouquet this year.

Customs Officials on a Mission to Eliminate Pests from Valentine’s Day Flowers

When you think of customs officials, do you imagine them rummaging through thousands of flowers? Well, they are the ones keeping your Valentine’s Day bouquet pest free each year. They sift through millions and millions of flowers each year to check for pests and give flowers the clear as they enter the country. Most of the flowers you receive on Valentine’s Day are imported from other countries. In fact, most of them come from South America where the weather is warm and the growing season is in full swing. In an average year, over 900 million flowers are searched and over 90 varieties of pests are found which equates to thousands and thousands of bugs.

Pests on Valentine’s Day Flowers Can be a Risk to the United States

Unwanted pests catching a ride on one of the roses in your bouquet can pose big problems for the U.S. Many of the pests coming in on flowers are new to the U.S. and pose a threat to economic vitality. They not only carry and spread diseases, but they can be a danger to agriculture. In fact, agricultural specialists are among those on the front lines to make sure there aren’t any harmful pests present on flower shipments.

Lots of Different Pests Catch a Ride on Valentine’s Day Flowers

You may be wondering what kind of pests you might find hiding in your Valentine’s Day flowers this year. Well, hopefully you won’t find any, but there are reports that state pests of all shapes and sizes make their way onto flower shipments. People are finding spiders, moths, caterpillars, and aphids hiding within the silky petals. Some have even mentioned lizards and frogs jumping out of a bouquet of colorful flowers. That would certainly give you quite the Valentine’s Day surprise. Nothings says I love you quite like a gang of pests.

How are the Flowers Searched for Pests?

You may be wondering how in the world all of these flowers get searched? They take bouquet after bouquet and shake them over a white piece of paper. Immediately pests fall gracefully from the flowers and quickly run for cover. The pests they find are then given to U.S. Department of Agriculture to identify.

Expert Pest Control

Hopefully, your Valentine’s Day flowers aren’t full of pests this year. Who knew that so much went into keeping your bouquet pest free? Merlin’s Pest Control offers pest control no matter what season of the year we are in. Call us for any pest problems you may be having in or out of Valentine’s Day flowers.

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