Spider Crickets, Jumping Spiders

Spider cricket and jumping spiders are the names given to cave crickets, aka camelback crickets, by some who are not sure what they have. Homeowners from Budd Lake, Morris Plains, Somerset, Pine Brook, as well as Woodland Park and other places have used these descriptions to identify to the best of their ability what pest they have and do not want to have. These pests grow from a smaller sized cricket which is about the size of many spiders to some that can be as large as jumbo shrimp with large legs. These crickets can easily jump over 6 feet up, across, or onto you. Cave crickets do not bite or sting but a large cricket jumping onto your body unexpectedly will unnerve anyone. People have gotten injured because of their startled reaction when one or more crickets have jumped on them. Cave crickets ability to live and breed indoors make the need for treatment ongoing. Due to the biology and chemistry involved it usually takes a multi service approach to eliminate these cave crickets. Also remember that the initial infestation readily came from outdoors and can just as easily re-infest your home so a continued preventative service plan may be necessary.

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