Spider bites

There are times when the season does not matter with regard to pests. Spider bites are as prevelant in winter as summer. It may seem the more we are forced inside the more pest issues we see regardless of outside weather. Spider bites have been on the rise for years, however many medical professionals are crediting spider bites to Brown Recluse spiders. The most common spider bites are by Yellow sac spiders by  a very large majority. Brown Recluse spiders are like quarterbacks they receive more credit than they earn and more blame than they deserve. Most medical examinations are crediting Brown Recluse spiders which the bites they see, when in fact it is a Yellow sac spider bite. I am not sure if there is a medical difference in treatment but should you find yourself or a loved one in this predicament You may want to suggest it may be a Yellow sac spider bite in case treatment is different. Brown Recluse are very timid are rarely seen spiders.  The State of NJ has repeatedly stated year after year they have been no confirmed reports of Brown Recluse spiders. In my 39 years of pest control service I my self I never seen a Brown Recluse, I have seen many various wolf spiders but never a Brown Recluse. I say this to better inform our customers and blog readers.

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