Spider Bite Dangers

Recently the news had a headline in regards to boy dying from a bite from a Brown Recluse Spider. This is very, very unfortunate. Many people hold a dangerous thinking that “spiders are good because…”. Lets be clear. Spiders are not good! Spiders have no place in the vicinity of people. No one should allow spiders to exist on or in any home or business.

All spider bites are venomous, with some spiders having stronger venom than other spiders. Depending on the spider bite, people are more sensitive to certain spider bites than other people. Spiders also crawl over anything and everything including bacteria and serious germs only to spread these dangers around whatever they crawl on next.

All individuals, especially parents, should be sure to keep a spider free zone of their home, business, and common outdoor areas. Hiking, camping, trail riding, etc can provide exposure to spiders, as well as other insects, but most people plan for this before they engage in such activities.

Pesticide applications, professional or DIY, at regular intervals along with removal of all spider webs will provide the control necessary to protect you family and friends. For more information, contact the experts at Merlin’s Pest Control for general inquires or to set up an appointment today!

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