Signs You Have an Infestation of Termites in Your Budd Lake, NJ House; Mud Tubes, Swarmers, Discarded Wings, Damage to Wood & More

With the spring weather on the horizon the risk of a termite infestation will start to increase. Termites are a pest that cause a serious amount of damage to homeowners each year. Many homeowners don’t even know they have a problem until the damage and infestation is extreme. The cost to make repairs after a major infestation can be a lot of money. Most homes would be saved from this disaster if the homeowner knew what they should be looking for. Termites are a pest that chew through pieces of exposed wood and will work night and day to care for the colony. They don’t take a break and will get through a lot of wood in short span of time. Being an informed homeowner about what to look for when dealing with a termite infestation can end up saving you time, money and stress!

Merlin’s Pest Control Lists Warning Signs to Look For When Inspecting For Termites

Check For Termite Mud Tubes: If you live in an area that has subterranean termites you need to be on the lookout for mud tubes. The subterranean termites need moisture to live and that means they will live in the soil and travel to the exposed wood for food. The path they will take is through what is called a mud tube. The mud tube is made to protect the termite while they travel so they are not exposed. They will look like a small line of dried out dirt leading from the soil line up the side of the house. The termites will find a gap that is open and make their way in your home. These are a sure sign that you have s subterranean termite infestation.
Termites Swarming Outside House: When the weather changes from the cold of winter to the nice warmth of spring, the flying termite swarmers AKA alates head out looking for a new home. The termites have been quite dormant in the winter due to the cold temperatures. When it warms up outside they start to become active and the reproductive queens and kings will be in search of a place to call home. The mature female and male termites have wings and will fly in search of the perfect nest. They travel in a huge colony called a swarm. If you see them flying around your home you want to be sure that they keep flying and don’t stop at your place. Look for discarded wings around window sills. The only real way to be sure is to call out a professional pest control company that specializes in termites. We can do a thorough inspection to determine whether the termites passed you by or if you are unlucky enough to be sharing your home with them.
Termite Damage to Wood: If you have wood around your home such as firewood or a dead tree, you are susceptible to termites. That is the first stop that a termite colony will make and easily transfer to your home when the wood they are feeding on is gone. If you want to check the wood pile around your home, you can do the knock check. That means you tap on the wood to hear for a sound of hollowness. If it sounds hollow the potential for a termite infestation is possible. The termites eat from the inside out so you may not notice it from the outside.

Termite Inspection & Treatment

Merlin’s Pest Control offers expert termite services to protect your home from these destructive pests. Don’t let pest populations escalate. Contact us to schedule your next pest and/or termite inspection and custom treatment plan today!

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