Signs of Termites in Trees in Bedminster, NJ & How to Get Rid of Termite Pests

Whenever people hear the word termites, they shudder knowing what it entails. Termites cause millions of dollars a year in damage to homes and businesses in the United States. Their destructive nature can leave nothing but ruin in their wake after they have infested a structure. Thankfully, professionals have effective methods and techniques that can obliterate their existence to protect your home or business if you are observant enough to catch on to the red flags. But what if you suspect termites in the trees of your yard, but do not think they have reached your home yet? We at Merlin’s Pest Control would like expound on that particular scenario and share some tips and advice on the best course of action.

Termite Inspection

In one respect, termites are considered beneficial, as they will recycle fallen trees and decaying stumps. Often homeowners will discover termites upon closer inspection when they notice their trees looking unhealthy. Being closely related to cockroaches, termites have over 3,000 species throughout the world, with the exception being Antarctica. Surviving primarily on plant and cellulose materials, or wood to keep it basic, termites are active all year long and colonies can have 250,000 members. Termites, however, do seem more active during the late spring and early summer months where there mature reproductive termites will leave the colony to start new ones.

Signs of Termites on Trees

A few species of termites will infest living plants and trees, but generally the majority of termites will banquet on dead wood. Though they target dead or ailing trees, they can still overcome healthy trees. Termites leave evidence that they are devouring trees; tiny holes, and piles of wood shavings are spotted at the base of the trees. Additional signs may be the bodies of deceased termites, discarded wings, shelter tubes constructed of mud on the trunks of the trees and tiny white eggs. If you see these indicators, take a shovel and dig around the roots just below the soil line exposing the termites.

Treatment for Termites in Trees

Removing the termite infestation should be on your top priority list, especially if the discovered colony is close to your home. To offer your home more protection, apply the following:
– Prune the infected limbs
– Pull out the infected stumps
– Burn or efficiently dispose of the infected wood.
– Apply termite exterminating products or for more effective approach contact Merlin’s Pest Control for extermination.

Professional Termite Control

Though you may find termites in your yard, it does not automatically mean your home is also infested; however, it is in your better interest to keep an eye out for the red flags of termite infestations or to be sure, hire a professional to perform a comprehensive termite inspection. If you believe you have termites, Merlin’s Pest Control can effectively remove the termites from your home or landscaping. Call us today to get started!

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