Rodent Proofing * The art of keeping mice out

Rodent proofing is the art of keeping mice out by sealing openings that invite and/or allow rodents easy access into a structure. Rodent proofing IS NOT a guarantee that mice cannot or will not ever enter your home. Rodent proofing has limitations but by eliminating open invitations and easy access openings you greatly reduce the attractiveness of your home to mice. Rodents are not looking for the most difficult structure to enter, like most creatures they look for shelter that has the easiest access and most favorable prospects. Cracks and gaps in your home that allow warm air to seep out attract rodents as the weather turns cooler. Warm air combined with smells and scents of food are irresistible invitations.

Systematically sealing any viable opening. This does not mean any hairline cracks or small gaps. We are sealing viable openings. The materials used for this purpose may include mortar cement, silicone caulking, non rusting metals, plumber putty, wood, flashing, any material that will fill or securely cover the opening to prevent rodent access. The seal between the foundation and framing is inspected, wherever a pipe or conduit exits the structure is examined, gaps around basement/crawlspace windows and doors, attached garage doors, gaps around brick veneer, gaps by chimneys, corners, foundation cracks, etc.

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