Roach Diseases & Health Problems; Are German Cockroaches Harmful & Can They Make You Sick in Budd Lake, NJ

Is your home under a cockroach invasion? Have you seen them scurrying around your bathroom or kitchen? If so, you might have a German cockroach infestation. There are many species of cockroach that invade urban homes and now that springtime has arrived, you may begin to notice an increase of cockroach activity and population. Merlin’s Pest Control will share a few facts about the German cockroach and how you can prevent and control their intrusion.

What Do German Cockroaches Look Like?

The German cockroach has the typical characteristics of any other insect. They have six legs and a pair of long antennas. They are tan to a light brownish color with two distinct dark brown or black stripes going vertically down their head and sometimes all the way down their body. Although they are equipped with a pair of wings, they don’t fly. They can reach up to 5/8 of an inch long and they can fit through a space as small as 3/8 of an inch. This is how they squeeze their way into small cracks of homes and other buildings.

German Cockroach Diet & Life Cycle from Egg to Nymph to Adult

The German cockroach feeds on starch and anything else that’s handy. They will feed on glues, paper, toothpaste as well as discarded food and feces. They prefer warm, humid places such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. During mid-spring you might start to see nymphs and adult German cockroach activity. Often they will lay their eggs in the walls of homes where the insulation will help keep them warm.

Diseases & Health Problems; Are German Cockroaches Harmful & Can They Make You Sick?

The German cockroach can cause allergies and those with respiratory problems will suffer the most. Their feces and sloughed off skin flakes often get airborne. They also carry harmful pathogens and diseases, so if you’re seeing cockroach activity you will want to react quickly.

Cockroaches Aren’t Attracted to a Clean, Clutter Free Home or Business

You may already have heard this a thousand times, but sanitation really is the key in cockroach prevention and control. This means it helps to keep your yard and home clean and free of clutter. Don’t keep discarded food around your home or buildings. Maintaining the plumbing does help reduce cockroaches. Keep in mind that even the cleanest home will still have cockroaches. The German cockroach as well as other cockroach species are drawn to buildings and homes. So yes, sanitation does help minimize cockroach infestation. However, it is not the only defense you should rely on.

Professional Cockroach Extermination

Professional pest control methods use the highest quality pesticides and sprays. We will spray both the inside and outside of your home and kill any cockroaches that try to enter your premises. Additionally, we will supply your home with bait and traps, depending on the severity of your current cockroach infestation. We will often advise you of other threats your home or yard may possess when it comes to pest control. For proper pest control, it is strongly suggested that you use a professional pest management company. However for those who like to do their own pest control, make sure you spray your home once a month and change up the type of pesticides used. Cockroaches can adapt and build a tolerance to a familiar pesticide. Merlin’s Pest Control can help prevent the German cockroach and other pests from infesting your home. If you’re currently fighting off or wanting to prevent a pest infestation, contact Merlin’s Pest Control for all of your pest management needs today.

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