Removing Mice from My Summit NJ Home

When you hear mice scurrying around your attic, it’s best to contact a professional pest control team immediately. Why? Mice can breed as many as 10 litters a year and chew through insulation, along with paper goods and clothing. Their teeth are perfect for gnawing through electrical wiring, causes fires to erupt. In fact, mice are the number one cause of fires.

Mice in the walls easily find routes to the attic so it’s crucial ‘to’ mouse-proof your house in order to effectively resolve your pest issue in Summit NJ. Begin by searching for holes on the lower level of your home, specifically around pipes, coaxial cables and dryer vents. Also, scope out foundation sills, basement windows, and foundation vents for any signs of mice.  Inspect door frames, windows, attic vents, chimneys and fans on the roof.

Since mice choose secluded areas to live and breed in, check the eaves and corners of your home and take a look under mats of insulations for nesting. Utilize fragrant baits like bacon or peanut butter to attract mice and shift traps to new locations every couple of days. Mice often chew through rotting wood so make sure to repair water damage immediately and solve any drainage problems. Seal out both mice and drafts by using weatherproofing strips around doors.

If you spot signs of mice in your Summit NJ home, contact Merlin’s Pest Control at 973.627.0500 for professional pest control and mice removal services.

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