Removing Mice from My Kinnelon Home

Kinnelon is not an area you’d expect to find mice, especially in those gorgeous residential neighborhoods. Unfortunately, mice can sneak their way into any building by wiggling through gaps and holes. In fact, a mouse can get through a 1/4 inch hole and if it’s less than a 1/4 inch, the mouse can still gnaw to enlarge it.

When the weather begins to get cold, rats and mice will turn to houses and buildings for comfort.  They may also come into your Kinnelon, NJ home through the gaps in the windows or ceilings.  Mice can readily enter around overhead garage doors.

Infestations generally begin during the autumn when temperatures drop. After mice find a warm place, they rarely go back outside. They’ll populate quickly and specimen can exceed 200 within months! All pipes, openings and cracks in your Kinnelon home must be sealed. Doors and windows should be closed properly as well, and food should be stored in tight containers.

Contact Merlin’s Pest Control at 973.627.0500 for mice removal in Kinnelon.

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