Reasons that Humans Should Have a Fear of Bugs & Other Pests in Bedminster, NJ

Pests are an issue for many people and having them in our homes is a horrible thought. No one wants to deal with nasty little pests and critters running around their residence. Most people recognize that pests are not good to have in their home because some can bite such as spiders. They can be a danger to young children and even adults if they are unlucky enough to be bitten. That is really just the tip of the iceberg. There are many things about pests that will make you want them out of your home even more so. A reliable pest control service is needed to keep your home from a major infestation and let you rest easy. Professional pest control companies will come out and treat your home and property on a regular basis to treat for current pests as well as prevent any further infestation. You want to be sure that you continue your pest control all year long.

Merlin’s Pest Control Lists Reasons that Pests & Critters Are Scarier Than You Thought

Pest Populations Are Likely Higher than You Think!: One thing about pests is that you probably don’t seem to see that many. Maybe on occasion you will see one pass by outside. You might also see them when you head down for a midnight snack. The funny thing about these pests is that there are many more than you might have thought. When a study was done to see how many pests there were compared to people it was quite scary. The results were about 200 million pests to each person that is on the earth. That means that the ones you see are really only a very small amount of what is actually there. This should be enough to make anyone want to call their pest control company and have their home treated today!
Pests Are Very Sneaky: When it comes to pests they don’t want to be seen just as much as you don’t want to see them. They are likely to be in places they know you won’t see them easily. Most pests wait for a nice quiet and dark room to come out. If they hear too much noise pests will hide under furniture, cabinets and more. Most pests are very small and can easily fit into places that you may completely overlook. Just because you don’t actually see them doesn’t mean they are not there.
Pests Carry Disease & Bacteria: We know that spiders can have some venom that is dangerous when they bite but they are not the only harmful pest. Did you know that a simple cockroach can carry bacteria that can be just as dangerous if you come in contact with it? A cockroach does not have to touch you directly to spread the bacteria. They can walk around with their bacteria ridden feet on counters and surfaces that you and your family touch all the time. Then you touch your face eat food prepared on these surfaces and can get sick.

Pest Management Services

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