Rats are horrible pests. They urinate and defecate wherever they go spreading disease along they way. They are rodents and as such are constantly chewing- wood framing, electric wires, your siding, etc. If a rat can find some broken macadam or cement it can also chew and dig its way through to your basement, crawlspace, or sometimes, as recently happened in Boonton, into your walk-in freezer. Rats are significantly larger than any specie of mouse so they are longer, heavier, and have a much larger skull. The skull size is important because it is the skull size that determines the size of the hole an animal needs to create in order to travel through. Rats, even juvenile rats, need a opening about the size of a major league baseball. Rats are able to fit inside a standard wall roughly 1 3/4 inches wide, the width of a 2×4. So once rats have gained entry to a building they are readily able to travel through out. Rats, unlike mice, have a large requirement for water. They will nest and feed only in areas that provide suitable access to water as well as food. Rats will eat anything so the food source unimportant as long as it is present. Rats will readily share your dogs’ food and your dog will readily allow it. Really!

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