Raccoon ControlMerlin’s raccoon control experts know how to properly trap and safely remove raccoons from your home.

  • Large, agile mammals that are often seen quickly running up trees in New Jersey. Omnivorous, eating almost anything, including berries, leaves, fish, squirrels, human food, and many other things
  • A typical raccoon can weigh anywhere from 7 to 65 pounds
  • Grayish brown fur with black markings and are especially known for their black, mask-like faces, and bushy tails
  • Excellent night vision and being nocturnal gives them the ability to build dens in trees, burrows, and near rocks and rummage through your trash
  • Often get inside homes by climbing down chimneys or crawling into attics
  • Often create large sized holes in screens or structural materials of your home being larger sized animals
  • Raccoons are known to cause destruction to attics, roofs, lawns, gardens, trees, garbage containers, buildings, and structures
  • Raccoons will eat pet food and will attack pets if left outdoors
  • Will nest in open spaces such as hollow trees, buildings, drainpipes, decks, attics, and leaf piles

Merlin’s raccoon control

Despite their cute appearance, raccoons are actually very strong, aggressive mammals. If a homeowner tries to corner a raccoon, the raccoon will quickly become hostile and will attack. The risk of a raccoon bite or scratch can be a serious matter, especially with children and pets, as raccoons are known for carrying diseases such as rabies, canine distemper, roundworms, and mange. They can also be infested with fleas, ticks, lice, and mites that are known transmitters of disease. This is why it’s important to keep children and household pets away from raccoons for they are more at risk for these diseases.

Our team of raccoon control experts understands the importance of removing the raccoon from your home, while protecting its species. Our raccoon control services includes the humane trapping and releasing of the raccoon in a better environment. Should you have a family of raccoons living in your home, we will trap and release them together.

At Merlin’s, we appreciate wildlife and we just help all critters find a home of their own, instead of living in yours. Call us today.