Pest Control in Morristown NJMorristown, New Jersey is home to unique attractions including Jockey Hollow which is noted for its trails and unique Wick House. With a historical background and central location, it’s not wonder that the winding hiking trails are swamped during the summer months. Morristown boasts stunning views in the fall time as maple trees flourish with colors of reds and yellows.

Merlin’s Pest Control in Morristown NJ

Regardless of the season, bedbugs,ticks, fleas & ants and rodents sneak their way into the home. Raccoons can run into the home while skunks and chipmunks often roam freely into buildings and cause a complete nightmare for residents. Merlin’s Pest Control tackles all rodent problems with our top-notch extermination and rodent removal services.

Mice wreak havoc in the homes and cause a whirlwind of inconvenience. With the assistance of Merlin’s Pest Control, we can quickly remove mice from your Morristown home or business. We have years of experience providing New Jersey with expedited mice removal services. Our innovative bait traps and techniques will relieve you from worrying about mice day-in and day-out.

Merlin’s Pest Control is privileged to be assisting home and business owners with immediate spider pest control services. When you spot the first sign of a spider web or spider, this means that more are probably lurking around. Spiders are commonly found under roof overhangs, windows, cracks and various shelter areas. Our expert technicians make sure to take precaution before getting started with the spider removal process.

We offer both commercial and residential pest control services in Morristown, allowing you to get back to your daily routine. If you need beetles, rats, crickets or centipedes removed, we cover that too. Contact us immediately if you spot insects or rodents in your home or business!