Pest Control in Montville, NJMerlin’s Pest Control proudly services Montville, NJ with 24 hour residential and commercial pest control services. We go above and beyond to satisfy our customers by offering a refund if you are not completely satisfied with our services. Regardless of your pest situation, Merlin’s General Home Pest Service Plan prevents potential pests from coming into your home as we routinely visit your home 4 times a year to monitor progress.

Since carpenter ants are the largest problem in the state, we make sure to keep our eye on it. In the summer, we understand that springtails can make their way into the home. Our expert pest control techs in Montville will inspect every area of your home and eliminate every springtail. Many homeowners don’t even notice springtails until it is too late because they go unnoticeable until they appear in large groups.

Merlin’s Pest Control in Montville, NJ

We don’t just limit ourselves to pest control extermination. If you spot a squirrel, raccoon or bird in your home, contact our team immediately. These pesky creatures can often breed in your house which can become an even larger problem. Our other pest control services include:

We focus on a solution-based approach and employ the most meticulous technicians. Contact Merlin’s Pest Control today at 973-627-0500 for pest control removal in Montville, NJ!