Pest Control in Florham Park, NJMerlin’s Pest Control is proud to be offering our top-quality pest control services to the beautiful area of Florham Park, NJ. Whether you have insects and wildlife creeping into your home or business, our professional pest control technicians are here for you. If you give us a call before 1pm, we will show up at your house that day!

Merlin’s Pest Control in Florham Park, NJ

To make things as convenient as possible for our clients, we provide home pest control plans. This is a reneweable annual plan that allows clients to take corrective action as well as prevent pests from entering the home again.Through this plan, you can have four inspections per year so you can have better overall results. In addition to this, we also offer commercial pest control plans in Florham Park, NJ for various industries including the food & beverage industry, health care, hospitality, property management and more. We understand that everyone is on a budget which is why we provide meticulous pest control inspections in Florham Park at competitive prices.

Our main priority is to provide exceptional pest control services with an eco-friendly approach. All of our pest control techs are certified by the State of New Jersey to address issues such as pests, rodents and wildlife. If you need immediate assistance resolving issues pertaining to ants, fleas & ticks, termites, squirrels, raccoons and more, contact Merlin’s Pest Control at 973.627.0500.